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Culinary Experience

Private Roof Club Culinary

Our dishes are prepared in a harmonious blend of diverse backgrounds and culinary passions. We see ourselves as a team creating togetherness through food.


We understand that good food is an essential ingredient for an amazing day, whether it's a high-energy workshop or a team-building dinner.

We find immense fulfillment in creating moment-centered experiences that bring people together through good food.

Culinary Moments

By working with suppliers who share our values, we ensure that our ingredients are responsibly sourced.


Crafting exquisite products by hand is what inspires and moves us.

PRC handcrafted

Culinary Moments

Good food brings people together, fosters genuine interaction, and creates joyful togetherness. This is what drives our PRC Culinary team. We embrace handmade craftsmanship, seasonal ingredients, and unwavering honesty, ensuring each dish at the Private Roof Club reflects these values. Our delicious food will energize you and your guests, making your day or evening truly special

A Family of Suppliers

We know our suppliers by their first names. And like in most families: we share the same values. Take the flour mill Adlermühle, who runs their 800-year-old flour mill with the power of water and provides us with the special flours that make our baked goods so delicious. Or OEL, who harvest their olives for their incredible oil by hand in Greece. So no birds are harmed. And of course Terra: our main supplier of the best organic and locally sourced vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

PRC handcrafted

We craft most of our ingredients ourselves be it sourdough bread, miso, vinegar, yogurt or fruity jams and compotes. This dedication to handmade craftsmanship reflects our commitment to honest and authentic flavors. Our dishes showcase the expertise and artistry of each team member, utilizing quality ingredients with traceable origins.
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