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Crunchy Granola

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Dark-roasted oats with lots of nuts and almonds, honey and sugar beet molasses. Handcrafted by Tashi from the Culinary Club Team. 

Best with yogurt and fresh fruits.

For this product *Oats 45%, *Honey 20%, *Hazelnuts 9,5%, *Almonds 9,5%, *Pumpkin seeds 5.5%, *Sunflower seeds 5.5%, sugar beet syrup 5% used.

*from sustainable organic farming


Nutritional value /100 g
kcal 416,57
fat 17.72 g
carbohydrates 51.19 g
of which sugars 20.67 g
protein 12.81 g
Dietary fiber 5.10 g

Weight: 325 g, 250 g net  ≜ 8 servings

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